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Sunday, May 5th, 2019

A one day experience in Chicago

The May MADE Show features art and gifts for Mom.

MADE. A carefully curated experience showcasing handmade, tailor made, custom made, homemade, loft made, city made, kitchen made, well made, finely made, creatively made, uniquely made, precisely made, beautifully made, perfectly made, outrageously made, delicately made, in-your-face made, and deliciously made.

MADE. It’s about the passion Makers put into what they do…and the work they make.

MADE. A different kind of show, featuring everything made by hand, by Makers and the work they love to make. From art to food, clothing to lotions, stationary to furniture…MADE is the place to show it and sell it.

MADE. The newest, best, quirkiest, most exciting sampling of art, food, drinks, décor, accessories, and fashion.

MADE. A day for those in search of the next great thing to come see, taste, drink, try on, wear, enjoy, fall in love with, buy and own.

MADE is May is just one week before Mother’s Day!

Indoors at Chicago’s Morgan Manufacturing in the West Loop, the on trend venue for what is current. MADE will be open for showing and selling from 11 am – 5pm.

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